CAF Fiber Robert Lee

Telecommunications Construction

Housley Group was selected to construct an eight (8) mile CAF-II (Connect America Fund) 96 fiber optic cable in Robert Lee, TX.


City of Robert Lee, TX

Date Completed

March 2021


Robert Lee, TX

Project Objective

The objective for this project was to provide broadband internet services to 23 million Americans living in rural areas, such as Robert Lee, that previously did not have access to broadband internet. The Housley Group was selected to construct a portion of the Connect America Fund in Robert Lee, Texas.

The Solution

It was decided the best way to tackle the objective was to construct an eight (8) mile 96 fiber optic cable through both aerial and buried wire placements.


This project was funded by CAF-II (Connect America Fund), a $1.5 Billion Federal Communications Commission initiative.


Before aerial or buried placement could begin for this project, we had to immediately clear over 6 miles of highway filled with heavy brush and debris.  Long formations of shelf rock, numerous dry creek beds, and wide draws made the placing of cable and the setting of new poles very difficult and time consuming.

However, our highly dedicated and talented team successfully sought it through. Completing such a project, was very accomplishing and rewarding.

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