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David Meek

President & Chief Executive Officer

As President/CEO of the Housley Group, Dave is responsible for the overall business growth, corporate direction, and operation of the company. Dave has been and will continue to be a steadfast supporter of the four basic principles: Honesty, Integrity, Quality, and Professionalism the company was founded upon over forty (40) years ago.  Throughout his entire working career Dave has been personally engaged in the telecommunications and construction industry. He has provided managerial oversight and direction for the building of several major international and domestic telecommunications and private fiber optic broadband network projects.

Dave can be contacted at our Carrollton or San Angelo, Texas office.

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3550 S. Bryant Blvd. San Angelo, TX 76903 or 3122 Kellway Dr. Carrollton, TX 75006

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R. Chris Housley

Executive Vice President

Chris currently serves as Executive Vice President and is responsible for growing and diversifying the overall business, both externally and internally. He joined the Housley Group in 2022 to continue the legacy created by Founder, Bob Housley, and former Executive Vice President, Kevin Housley.

Prior to Chris joining the Housley Group, he worked in Project Management for a commercial general contractor in Dallas, Texas. In his previous role, he was responsible for overseeing construction, estimating, and project budgeting of several multi-family and retail projects, including a 20-story mixed use development in downtown Dallas.

Chris earned a Bachelor of Construction Science from The University of Oklahoma and his Masters of Business Administration from The University of Dallas.

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Ana Artecona

Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Ana’s responsibilities include Human Resources, Payroll, Travel & Expenditures, Accounting and Financial Reporting, Development of Personal and Business Policies, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Collections Management.

Ana has worked in various accounting areas since 1982. She is currently responsible for all aspects of Housley Communications, Inc.’s financial operation. She works regularly with senior and middle management to support and enhance financial results, employee productivity and business growth.

Ana joined Housley Communications, Inc. in 2000. Ana brought an extensive background in executive level financial accounting management. Ana completed Finance and Accounting degree programs at Texas Tech University and Texas A&M University.

Ana can be contacted at our San Angelo, Texas office.

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3550 S. Bryant Blvd. San Angelo, TX 76903

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Joseph H. Jackson

Senior Vice President - Buried Service Wire

Joe has worked in the telecommunications Industry, serving in numerous key OSP Construction and Customer Service Operations managerial positions, since 1978. While working for Verizon Construction, Joe was assigned the responsibility for constructing the initial Fiber to the Premise Network. Joe, and the construction/service operations teams working under his direction successfully completed this major project in such a timely and quality manner that they received the Verizon Excellence Award for Best in Nation Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) implementation. This same team received a second national award the following year for producing Verizon’s Highest FTTP Implementation Productivity.  Joe joined the Housley Group in 2010. His responsibilities have included business oversight and technical field support for several major OSP construction projects. He has also been instrumental in performing complex bid unit evaluations and assisting in the preparation of numerous projects bid submissions.

Joe currently has the responsibility for daily oversight and management of the Housley Group’s five state Buried Service Wire (BSW) operation.

Joe can be contacted at our Carrollton, Texas office.

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3122 Kellway Dr., Carrollton, TX 75006

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Brandon Herbert

Senior Vice President - Construction

Brandon brings to his current executive level position over 24 years of Telecommunications Outside Plant Facility Construction experience. He joined the Housley Group, Inc. in 2003. His broad construction experience, managerial skills and consistent focus on customer service afforded him a career path that traversed ever increasing roles and responsibilities over the next 18 years.

Brandon’s managerial responsibilities include oversight of the Housley Group’s Outside Plant construction work contracted from three of the nation’s largest Telecommunications companies serving the Central and Western regions of Texas.

In addition to Telecommunications aerial, buried and underground projects our Housley Group construction crews regularly perform major utility relocations associated with State and Federally funded road moves as well as FTTH (Fiber to the Home) buildouts.

Housley Group Construction crews, under Brandon’s direction, recently completed construction of a high-capacity 350-mile fiber optic network for the Brazos Valley Council of Governments designed with two interconnected fiber optic rings to provide affordable and reliable high-speed internet to rural Brazos Valley health care providers. To enhance signal strength the network design required the installation of 11 regeneration sites which housed electronic equipment in secure pre-constructed concrete buildings. Over 400 splicing vaults were required along the 350-mile cable route of this network.

Brandon can be contacted at our Hutto or San Angelo, Texas office.

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Ty Fischer

Vice President

As Vice President, Ty works closely with the President and CFO to management the accounting and financial resources of the Housley Group.  Ty is responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating operations activities in the organization, ensuring development and implementation of efficient operations and cost-effective systems to meet current and future needs of the organization.  His responsibilities include the financial, assets and accounting management of the company.  

Ty joined Housley Group in 2011, working in the accounting department as a Senior Accountant.  He was responsible for the financial accounting of VGI Technology for many years and for all fixed asset management for all companies.  He continues to work with the auditors and oversees tax reporting to national, state, and local entities.  

Ty earned his Masters of Accounting degree from Angelo State University.  

Ty can be contacted at our San Angelo, Texas office.

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3550 S. Bryant Blvd. San Angelo, TX 76903

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Heidi L. Williams


As Controller, Heidi Williams is responsible to oversee the daily work activities of the Housley Group Construction Accounting Administrators.  She is also responsible to ensure compliance with all applicable State and Federal tax laws and regulations.

Heidi works closely with the Housley Group’s Vice Presidents & CFO to develop and implement streamlined financial processes that improve the efficiency and productivity of the company.  In the normal course of her duties Heidi works on a regular basis with senior and middle management employees to assist and support their ability to produce expected financial results.

Heidi joined the Housley Group in 2002.  In 2021 she was named as the Housley Group, Inc. Controller.

Heidi can be contacted at our San Angelo, Texas office.

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3550 S. Bryant Blvd. San Angelo, TX 76903

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Stacy L. Elms

Vice President - Risk Management

Stacy joined Housley Communications over twenty-nine years ago. His managerial responsibilities at Housley Communications, Inc. included placing of buried service wire, fiber and copper cable construction, fleet/equipment acquisition, maintenance, and DOT compliance.

Stacy also founded the company’s initial quality, safety, OSHA compliance and damage investigation/prevention programs.

Stacy was instrumental in developing and negotiating the majority of the insurance compliance processes currently in use today by Housley Communications, Inc. Stacy is currently responsible to administer all of the company’s employee safety, loss prevention and OSHA compliance programs on a company-wide basis.

Stacy can be contacted at our Carrollton, Texas office

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3122 Kellway Dr. Carrollton, TX 75006

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Linda G. Binns

Vice President - Information Services

Linda started her career with the Housley Group in 1990. Serving as Vice President of Information Services, Linda is responsible for coordinating the design, development, and implementation of new business and financial system applications and the preparation of specialized reports requested by the company’s financial and operations managers.

Linda graduated from Texas A&M University in 1985 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Economics.  

Linda can be contacted at our San Angelo Office.

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3550 S. Bryant Blvd. San Angelo, TX 76903

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Melinda Binns

Vice President - Contracts

Melinda began her career with Housley Group in 1995 working in the Dispatch Department.  She was responsible for importing orders from customers and ensuring the accuracy of the information before the orders were dispatched to the subcontractor workforce.  Melinda’s responsibilities soon expanded as she became the administrator for one of the growing Outside Plant Construction departments.  Her expertise in many of Housley’s core functions has allowed her to excel in a variety of job functions including managing the Carrollton, Texas office, overseeing and coordinating the company’s monthly financial meetings and supervising the administrators in Carrollton, Hutto, and Lubbock. 

As Vice President of Contract Services, Melinda will be responsible for coordinating all contracts company-wide.  This fits with her current job duties of coordinating new subcontractor agreements and associated documents.

Before joining Housley, Melinda studied at Amarillo College and worked in law enforcement.

Melinda can be contacted at our Carrolton, Texas office.

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3122 Kellway Dr. Carrollton, TX 75006

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Lonnie Binns

Vice President – Construction

Lonnie currently serves as Vice President of Construction Services of Dry Utilities.  He works with more than 50 customers ranging from Atmos, Oncor, Utility Companies and Builders though out the State of Texas to provide technical service network in addition to the prewiring for low voltage.  This work encompasses complete rehabilitation of existing properties, installation of satellite head-end equipment, security systems, video monitoring equipment and CATV.  He manages work for new construction, tenant finish and rehabilitation for clients providing turnkey solutions for voice and data networks including equipment, pre-wire, testing, cutover and certification for any size project.  

Lonnie Binns spent four years in the United States Navy as an Aviation Ordnance and received an Honorable discharge in 1988

Lonnie started with Housley Communications as a subcontractor doing Buried Service Wire out of the Carrollton office in 1990. Lonnie started his management career in 1995 as a supervisor over buried service wire. In the same year he was then moved over to construction Prewiring MDU’s for low voltage.  One of the major jobs Lonnie supervised the installation and design of the fiber optic distribution system for the American Airline Center in Dallas, Texas and the Frisco Soccer Complex in Frisco, Texas.  

Lonnie may be contacted in our Carrollton, Texas office

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3122 Kellway Dr. Carrollton, TX 75006

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Hear what it's like working at housley From those that work with us


Hear what it's like working at housley From those that work with us

"I've been working here for about 30 years. I started out as a buried drop sub-contractor, placing telephone cable and worked my way up from there there. If you know how to do this work and you have interest in coming to work for us we would love to have you... If you do not know how to do this work and you would like for us to train you we would love to have you.We will do our dead level best to make you successful... "

Scott Byrd

Buried Drop Regional Manager


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